Letting Go

Some years ago I was in a bad relationship. By bad I mean there was constant belittling being done by my partner, jealousy and other toxic behavior. I wanted to change him and the situation but that was impossible because he didn’t see a problem. There were others that were toxic to my space but I wanted to fix it. I learned after a while of being hurt that it was time to let go.

I would love nothing more than to tell you that it is easy to let go of people and situations but it isn’t always that simple. Most times feeling are involved and time is invested. Sometimes situations and people are not meant to be fixed or changed. Sometimes the change needs to be you.

Other than toxic people it can be difficult to let go of a toxic job. Most of the population works for a company, organization or agency. We get comfortable with our paycheck every week or bi weekly no matter how much stress we are under. We need pay and that is an understandable concern. I am currently facing a career change. It took me a long time to realize that my health and happiness are more important than staying in a toxic environment just because I am comfortable.

Letting go of things that are toxic and no longer bring you peace is worth it. You may lose a partner, friend or have to learn a new job but the trade off is worth it. When people refuse to change it is time to let them go. No one has the right to destroy your happiness. Take the steps necessary for you to be happy. You will be so glad you did.